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Increasing sales-qualified leads by 70%

The secret sauce for SaaS success? Three ingredients: fall in love with your client, do your homework and maintain an iterative growth process. Here's how we helped Granite tackle growth.

The need

Operating in Finland and the UK, Granite sells Enterprise Risk Management software for big and midsize companies. They came to us with a challenge: how to increase their Finnish sales-qualified leads (SQL) by 70% within six months.

Having taken a proper look on the existing data, the software and the market, we were confident we could reach the target within the specified time frame.

The solution

The task was no easy feat due to general lack of customer understanding of the need for risk management and the availability of alternative solutions. First, we took a deep dive into risk management. A proper education in regulations, existing solutions, market trends and customer behaviour enabled us to identify growth opportunities.

We also looked into Granite’s sales process and target audience to create a roadmap for sales and marketing. The first task was to raise Granite’s level of marketing maturity, including building content processes, setting up analytics and starting to align the brand visuals.

From hyper-focused targeting to a broader strategy

Based on industry potential and sales team intelligence, we started testing with hyper-focused targeting for the specified target groups. While the approach worked, we soon realised that we were leaving some money on the table. Accordingly, the focus was broadened to include skillset and interest data.

The iterative process included funnel advertising where we created a variety of content in different formats to raise interest and educate potential customers.

A content matrix to help maintain sales momentum 

Granite’s landing pages were continuously optimised for better conversion. Educational content and e-books were created to further engage the target audience. We also worked closely with Granite’s sales team to make the sales process clearer and more effective.

We created a content matrix to tackle the frustrating period between the sales stages “offer sent” and “case closed”. The matrix allows a sales professional to maintain momentum on a deal by using the right content pieces at the right time to keep the prospect engaged.

The results


Our co-operation with Granite started with a happy success. Within the first five months of our co-operation we had already achieved a 50–60% growth in SQLs. Two months later we were already well on our way to the 70% goal.

The combination of a thought-out strategy, thorough homework and a smooth iterative process with fun and easy-going co-operation helped us achieve impressive results. We are happy Granite chose us to help them take their sales to the next level, and our co-operation will continue towards the next goal!

“Valve is supporting us in our growth and scale-up journey. As a CEO I especially appreciate the active approach Martyna and the team are constantly taking to find new growth angles. After scaling the marketing operations in Finland, we are eager to get started with the UK market as well.”

Teppo Kattilakoski

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