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Combining creative marketing, technology and communications, we provide our clients with a 360-degree approach across all channels.

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HKScan - strategy-driven communications

Valve is helping HKScan by planning and implementing versatile, two-way communications.   

Nokia - Bringing Internet of Things to Life

At Mobile World Congress 2016, Nokia came out with innovations that have the potential of transforming lives and businesses. Valve helped Nokia develop HTML5 demos that showcased many of the real life applications that depend on Nokia’s network solutions.

Crook’s Head - a dram like no other

The legend has it that Crook’s Head was a place where crooked, but fearless men had their last sip of freedom before being shipped off to a small island prison. 

A 1000 times more powerful networks by 2020

At the 2015 Mobile World Congress Nokia told how they are helping operators improve their networks toward 5G- and UDN- (Ultra Dense Networks) technologies in a controlled and cost efficient way.

One Take Only

One Take Only won gold at Voitto, annual commercial film competition.

The Finnish Red Cross

Many touching stories are related to the operations of the Finnish Red Cross. Stories that explain why the organization exists and what it has accomplished around the world. The Life in the Risk Zone application consists of a broad content entity which Finnish Red Cross can utilize in its different communications channels.

Happy Joe – the Happy Cider

In the beginning of 2012 there was a gap in the Finnish market for a better cider. The existing ciders were widely considered artificial and pretentious, and the market of mainstream ciders was steadily shrinking. Consumers craved for quality, the real taste of apple and a distinctive brand. As such a brand didn't exist, we had to create one. From the very beginning.

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