MKxValve event: The future of B2B commerce

Watch the event recording to unlock the full potential of B2B commerce.

Today, the synergy between sales, marketing, and customer service is increasingly vital. The B2B buying journey has evolved, becoming more complex and digitally driven. To thrive in this dynamic environment, the B2B commercial function must undergo a strategic evolution to better serve customers and meet business objectives. 

Drawing inspiration from renowned Gartner insights, we acknowledge that a significant percentage of customers' time is spent without direct involvement with sales, and in digital channels.

As the decision-making process involves more stakeholders and the buying journey extends, sales faces unprecedented challenges. Sales professionals are under increasing pressure to utilise various channels in facilitating the customer’s buying journey more than ever before.

So, the question arises: Can we elevate our approach? Is there a more lucrative and efficient way for marketing and sales to collaborate?

Join us as we explore the untapped potential of a unified commercial function. Discover how aligning our strategies, communication, resources, technology, and data management can transform the way we create customer value and achieve business goals.


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