Valve webinar: Account Based Marketing – Data-Driven Approach

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a trendy topic but how to make it work and drive results is a whole another thing. The end goal of ABM is to get dream clients but in order to do that we need to utilise data and measure influence to the customer journey. Also, data-driven ABM requires both intent and CRM data to drive results. By doing the ground work properly, we are able to increase awareness, engagement, and finally sales in the dream clients. Watch our webinar recording!


The topic was presented by Sami Miettinen, Global Marketing Director at GE Healthcare, Markus Ståhlberg, CEO at N.Rich, and Otto Niinikoski, Growth Marketing Strategist at Valve.

Webinar agenda:

  • ABM Data & Metrics - Importance of Analytics
    • Cost - How to compare costs among digital channels
    • Measuring influence - Linking activities to customer journey
  • Real-life use-cases - ABM for product marketing and demand generation
  • Why intent data is the new lead - ABM and digital sales
  • Measuring ABM sales impact - Why B2B marketers should focus more on CRM than marketing automation?
  • How to increase awareness, engagement and sales in dream clients by utilising right channels and tactics



Sami Miettinen, Global Marketing Director, GE Healthcare

Sami's passion is to create new, utilize new technologies and get things done. He has +20 years of experience working in a complex healthcare industry in global product management and marketing.


Markus Ståhlberg, CEO, N.Rich

Markus has over 2o years of experience in digital marketing and sales. Currently he is the CEO of  Europe's leading SaaS ABM software N. Rich. 


Otto Niinikoski, Growth Marketing Strategist, Valve

Otto has long experience in digital marketing. He helps customers to create successful data-driven ABM and digital marketing campaigns.  


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