Webinar: How to master multichannel B2B advertising

Explore the ways to do flourishing B2B advertising in our event recording!

There has been too little discussion about multichannel B2B advertising and how to manage the complex environment of content, target groups, and results.

It's an entirely different ball game when we compare B2B to B2C advertising. Buying journeys are significantly longer, with a larger number of decision-makers and influencers, and, of course, we are typically dealing with more substantial purchases.

We are in a situation where reaching target groups is becoming more challenging. In a complex B2B setting, the channel strategy becomes even more important. The growing number of channels and the buying journey becoming more digital pose a challenge for B2B marketers.

Hence, a strong business acumen and understanding of channel possibilities is necessary to effectively reach target audiences with the right content and timing.

Watch the webinar recording where we delved into the topic of successful multichannel advertising in B2B!

We will give you insights on the following topics: 

  • How to combine marketing strategy, creatives and media buying
  • How to reach and influence different industries and buyers
  • How to balance media budgets between brand and lead gen
  • How to tie media investments into business results

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