Is your WordPress website due for a revamp? 8 signs it’s time for a change

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses across the globe scrambled to establish their online presence. Many turned to WordPress to swiftly create websites and online stores, enabling them to pivot to digital sales and marketing. Fast forward to today, and while those initial websites many business cobbled together back in 2020 might have served their purpose until now, it's crucial to recognize when they're due for a revamp (it’s been four years!). 

For B2B SME companies that embraced WordPress for their digital transition, here are eight signs that your website or online store is probably needs an overhaul: 

  • Outdated Design: Your website's design looks full of 2020 design trends, or maybe it just looks a bit messy and unkempt. We often see websites suffer from neglect, and add to that rapidly evolving design trends and it’s easy to end up with an outdated design that makes your business look dated and even untrustworthy. 
  • Poor User Experience (UX): If your visitors (including you!) are struggling to find information, or complete actions such as sending a contact request or  making a purchase, then you’re most likely losing them. A frustrating user experience will drive potential customers away and harm your conversion rates. 
  • Slow Loading Speed: We’re accessing the internet from weirder and weirder places, yet users will still expect a website to load within seconds. A sluggish site is a sign of WordPress being configured badly, inefficient code, or a poor quality host. If your site is slow, you risk losing visitors who won't wait around for it to load. 
  • Mobile Responsiveness Issues: With more users accessing the web via smartphones and tablets, your website must be optimized for mobile devices is essential. Think of the last time you tried to use a site that clearly wasn’t made for a mobile device? Did stick around and try zoom your way around it, or did you just leave? Thought so! If your site doesn't display properly or function smoothly on mobile, you're missing out on a significant portion of potential customers. 
  • Declining Traffic and Conversions: A stagnant or declining trend in website traffic and conversions is a clear indicator that something isn't working. It could be related to design, functionality, or content – all of which may need attention. 
  • Limited Functionality: As your business grows, so do your needs. It’s understandable (even encouraged) to focus on something straightforward at first, but one of WordPress’ biggest strengths is its extensibility. Does your current website lacks essential features or integrations that could enhance the user experience or streamline operations? Maybe it's time for an upgrade! 
  • Security Vulnerabilities: WordPress regularly releases updates to address security vulnerabilities and improve performance. If your website is running on an outdated version of WordPress or its plugins, you could be leaving your site exposed to cyber threats. 
  • Lack of Data-Driven Optimisation: Finally, if your website isn't leveraging data-driven insights to continuously optimize performance and user experience, you're missing out on opportunities for growth. To make your website an effective sales or marketing machine, you need to understand your users’ actions and tinker your website to improve conversion rates.   

It's crucial for B2B companies to recognize that in today's digital landscape, leaving their website untouched for years at a time is a recipe for stagnation. Think of your website as a living tool that needs to be routinely reviewed and improved. Embracing data and growth-driven design methodologies is the key to unlocking continuous improvement and scaling your online presence effectively. 

If your WordPress website or online store is exhibiting any of the signs mentioned above, it's time to consider a revamp. But don’t make the mistake of thinking of your website as a once in a blue moon project. Invest in the ongoing evolution of your digital presence and embrace data-driven strategies, and your website will become a driver of growth and success for your business. 

Think your site needs a revamp? Wondering where to start? Considering taking a more holistic growth-focused approach? Let’s have a chat about what you’re looking to do and how Valve can help.