It’s all about asking the right questions for B2B growth

We are living in a time where there’s so much data, information, knowledge, and AI helping us sort that out that all is required is to ask the right questions. That will guide us to a better future. We tend to demand more concrete and clear-cut answers but especially in today’s world, there are fewer and fewer universally right or wrong answers. We need to find the best possible solution for the company and our job as possible at the right time.


Thus, we wrote a blog post where we can hopefully guide you through the complex business decision-making process in facilitating growth. Whatever that means to you.

Valve and MarkkinointiKollektiivi recently hosted an event where the future of B2B commerce was discussed. We started a journey where we provided ways to redefine success in B2B commerce. Speakers included CEO of Kasvuryhmä (Finnish growth collective) Heli Hytönen, Chief Revenue Officer of Cadmatic Mikko Marsio, Chief Growth Officer of Admicom Pekka Pulkkinen and Valve's VP, Enterprise Business Max Nyman. You can watch the event recording now. 


Here are 12 fundamental questions to ask yourself to find your B2B success:

  1. What bold statement or move can we make to commit to better growth? Where does our justification of existence come from in the future?
  2. What KPIs will indicate whether our strategies are yielding the desired outcomes and keeping us on course towards our goals?
  3. How do our customers’ buying journeys look today? What about tomorrow?
  4. What are the key value drivers for customer experience now and in the future?
  5. How can we identify and leverage our unique strengths and capabilities to maintain a competitive edge in the future marketplace, and what specific value proposition can we articulate to capture the hearts and minds of our target audience?
  6. How can we enhance the cooperation between product, customer service and commercial teams?
  7. How do we get sales and marketing work seamlessly?
  8. How do we create trust in a world where a bigger part of the buying journey is touchless?
  9. How do we make buying as easy as possible?
  10. When going to new markets, what are the market signals, insights, and data we need to know?
  11. In what ways can we cultivate a mindset of curiosity, adaptability, and resilience, where self-reflection, constructive criticism, and strategic foresight are valued as essential components of our organisational DNA?
  12. How can we create a culture that fosters employee engagement, growth opportunities, and a sense of belonging, hence ensuring that the right people are fully committed to our organisation’s vision?

If you want to further challenge your thinking, book a meeting with Max!