Recording: Digitalizing B2B Brands and Improving the Brand Experience

We organized an event with MarkkinointiKollektiivi focusing on digitalizing B2B brands. During the event, we discussed in more detail how the way customers buy is changing the way companies sell and market.

The event featured notable speakers such as Laura Hinkkanen, a seasoned Senior Marketing Manager from Kone, Max Nyman, the CMO of Valve, Markus Natri, Brand Strategy Lead at Valve, and Risto Karhu, the Head of VFX at Valve.

In this event you’ll learn:

  • How to improve your digital brand and customer experience
  • How to support the customer’s buying process online
  • How does the customer journey work in a fully virtual environment
  • How the rise of millennials to management positions and rapid technological growth changes the role of branding
  • How to showcase products using cutting edge technologies  

Watch the event recording here: