Wakeone VFX-team returns to its roots

Wakeone was established in 2019, and shortly afterward, two companies joined forces; Leonidas and Valve, shared a vision of building something initially named "immersive internet," now better known as the metaverse. In this collaboration, Valve contributed its renowned VFX team, while Leonidas brought its software consultancy and XR developers to the equation.


The company completed several proof-of-concept XR projects and various other projects with different platforms. Simultaneously, the studio continued working on its bread and butter – 3D animations. Despite the promising potential of the metaverse, the anticipated benefits took longer than expected to materialize. Consequently, a strategic decision was made to refocus on the strengths of both companies, leading them to pursue separate paths.

Now, with positive changes in customer buying behaviour and technological advancements, a tangible realisation of industrial metaverses is on the horizon. This transformation has spurred a heightened demand for the expertise of the Valve VFX team. As we look ahead, the team is poised to play a pivotal role in meeting the growing needs of the future.

"Since our departure from Valve's nest, a lot has changed, and I must say, for the better. Valve is a different company now, and I am excited about the possibilities we have, serving a mutual B2B clientele in the fields we know best: technology, industry 4.0, and infrastructure," says Risto Karhu, Head of VFX at Valve.

Now Valve combines the best expertise in crafting world-class B2B customer experiences in both the digital and physical realms through the prowess of VFX, events, marketing, and communications. We are guiding the entire B2B landscape towards a more impactful and sustainable way of delivering results. Our operating model – the Valve Way – combines industry and technology expertise with creativity. The Valve Way, based on smart, continuously learning marketing, links brand building and sales boosting seamlessly together.

"So, from now on, we are the Valve VFX team, and if you have any needs involving high-fidelity visuals or exceptional experiences, please contact me. Our studio focuses on all kinds of 3D and keeps on building assets for this industrial metaverse thing, whatever it might turn out to be in the future," emphasizes Risto Karhu, Head of VFX at Valve (risto.karhu@valve.fi). 

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