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Effective communications is essential for both B2B companies and public sector organisations. It turns your strategy into actions, helps you achieve your goals and develops your reputation. You build trust and better relationships with communications –internally and externally.  

Effective communications  

A well-communicated strategy inspires people to find their role in implementing it. An effective and understandable strategy also attracts the interest of your target groups. 

Are you missing…  
  • a communications and content strategy  
  • plans for implementing them 
  • core messages  
  • or a set of indicators to guide communications in the long term?  

Useful content  

Your key messages need to be targeted, crystallised and useful in order to get them across in various super busy channels. And every piece of communications also builds your reputation and brand.  

Perhaps you need some of these?     
  • News and newsletters  
  • Articles and blogs  
  • Infographics and animations  
  • Social media and community management  
  • Presentation materials  
  • Website content  
  • Sustainability reports  

Manage risks  

Your organisation is expected to speak out. Instead of muddying the waters, you need to focus on doing things that really matter. Being a thought leader requires expertise and open dialogue.  
Do you have a crisis communications plan? In a time of crisis, you need to be able to act quickly, reliably and empathetically. Our training courses will allow you to practise your communications and preparedness skills in a simulated crisis situation. 

This is where we can help: 
  • Thought leadership  
  • Brand reform  
  • Employer image  
  • Responsibility and sustainability communications  
  • Crisis communications guidelines and training  
  • Preparedness communications 

Media relations and PR onboarding  

Know how to feed the press with the right messages and content? Or how to avoid the worst pitfalls in interview situations? Practise media contacts with our experts and get valuable feedback on content and delivery. 

Things to invest in: 
  • Main messages and content  
  • Press releases  
  • Media training  
  • Media monitoring  
  • Media events  
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