Brand experience

A strong brand engages customers and increases awareness. A concise value proposition and consistent customer experience in all channels enhance marketing and sales processes.

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Refining value proposition

Clarifying brand's existence

For brands to make their voices heard, the ability to clarify messages is needed. In other words, brands must be able to bring clarity to chaos and distinguish relevant from irrelevant information. The process of creating a brand experience starts with analysing and constructing the core of the brand. Why does the company, product or service exist, and what sets it apart from the competition? What is the value proposition of the brand? And what are the strategic goals and key metrics of the company?

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Sustainability as a competitive edge

Sustainability communications

Sustainability is an increasingly important competitive advantage and a strength in Finnish companies and organizations. The problem is that many companies find it challenging to display their achievements using marketing and communications. Moreover, sustainability is particularly challenging because no company wants to be accused of topics such as greenwashing. We help companies find their competitive advantages and communicate them in ways that credibly resonate with their target groups.

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Visual brand experience

Graphic design | VFX | 3D design

A strong brand experience is based on a distinctive visual design. With solid expertise in graphic design and VFX (visual effects), we transcend the boundaries of imagination to make great ideas come true.

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Visual rebranding

Logo | Brand identity elements | Visual style

An appealing visual identity strengthens a company's brand and reputation. Displaying a compelling and distinctive corporate image becomes even more critical when competing in international markets. The designers of Valve create and rebrand visual identities, including logos, packaging materials and visual styles of digital applications. We are also experienced in managing visual branding processes globally.

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Designing web services

Online brand experience

Branding, marketing and communication all rely on one critical platform – the website. Our world-class websites and digital services are purpose-designed to deliver on our customers’ brand promise and optimized for their target audiences. We produce relevant, compelling content and offer your customers the best possible customer experience.  The wide-ranging competences of our multidisciplined team guarantee that all different aspects of business, user experience and technology are always represented in our projects. We have close collaboration with leading technology providers and have special in-depth expertise in Episerver, HubSpot, Sitecore, Sitefinity, Umbraco and Wordpress content management systems (CMS).
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