How to thrive in the biggest waves of B2B advertising

We are in a situation where reaching our target groups is becoming more challenging. In a complex B2B setting with multiple decision-makers and influencers, the channel strategy becomes even more paramount. Additionally, the growing number of channels and the B2B buying journey becoming more digital pose a challenge for B2B marketers.


Therefore, we need to have a multichannel plan that considers channel decisions and how content is linked. Hence, channels shouldn't be separate entities but should strongly relate to marketing strategy, content and creatives.

At the same time, we are moving to a cookieless world where targeting individuals is becoming more challenging. This demands a multichannel strategy that optimizes the utilisation of targeting data available and provides room for channels' own algorithms to reach users more likely to engage with your content. The so-called traditional channels also need to be considered well. We see a positive shift in effective targeting options becoming reality on traditional channels.

Despite the growing number of channels and tools, one thing remains the same: knowing the audience and ideal accounts. Hence, an educated ABM strategy that carefully considers accounts and how to influence them with proper content and reach them through the correct channels. This is not merely done by quantitative data but also requires strong qualitative data.

Additionally, there needs to be a consideration of the balancing efforts between short-term and long-term goals and allocation of budgets between brand and lead gen. This is required when we understand that active buyers represent only 5% of the total addressable market (TAM).

Another challenge is analysing advertising performance. As marketers, we want to positively influence revenue. Especially in complex B2B buying journeys, there's no easy way to do this. We can't solely focus on last-touch attribution modeling but need to find ways to understand the entire customer journey and how different contents and channels have influenced the process.

Watch the event recording! We organised a webinar on the 14th of February where we delved into these topics and provided ways to tackle these challenges.

We plunged into: 

  1. The role of paid advertising in B2B marketing
    • How to combine marketing strategy, creatives and media buying
  2. Opportunities in reaching a B2B audience via paid advertising
    • How to reach and influence different industries and buyers
  3. B2B persona and targeting data available
  4. How to balance media budgets between brand and lead gen
  5. The challenge of attribution and metrics
    • How to tie media investments into business results