Concept creation and implementation for a Europe-wide event – CASE RELEX Live


Starting point

The Finnish retail and supply chain software company RELEX Solutions hosts an annual RELEX Live event for its stakeholders. This time, the event was organised fully virtually.

As the retail market is in transition, industries and wholesale are facing new requirements. In the virtual event, RELEX wanted to share their views on the future of retail, wholesale and  industrial solutions

From the big picture to tailored specifics

Valve designed the event concept, which was implemented into events in Germany, England, Norway and Sweden in addition to Finland. The events engaged attendees to develop their expertise, discover customer stories and share their experiences with other industry experts.

The event was extended from one day to three days. Content was modified and targeted to specific stakeholders, such as customers, prospects, and staff. The first day offered insights for administrators of RELEX and the second for all target groups, whereas the third day concentrated on creating insightful content in workshops.

Valve had the responsibility of comprehensive project management and consultation of the event from design to implementation. The specific day-to-day functions and elements were tailored to fit and support the event content and framework.


HubSpot Video


Animations and other visuals for the event were created in accordance with the RELEX visual guide. The promotion videos were made event-specific by tailoring them so that each country got its own animation that still complied with the visual guide and kept the look of the events consistent.

HubSpot Video

The Hopin event platform was chosen in compliance with the concept, as the functionalities of the platform supported the goals and functionalities of the event.

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Customer Quote

“The event process went really well from start to finish, and I was left impressed by the event. I also received great feedback from one of our keynote speakers on how well and professionally the event was held. Therefore, I would like to give out a special acknowledgement to the team and project manager at Valve. I was really astonished by our cooperation with Valve. The team at Valve kept the large picture under control, so that we did not have to worry about it, and we were able to concentrate on the actual content of the events.”

Eveliina Viinanen, Marketing Manager, RELEX

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